Just an average farm girl from the Blue Ridge Mountains who grew up, went to NC State, met a boy and never made it back up the mountain.

Navigating life as a bumpkin in the big city.  Falling more in crazy love with Jesus each day.  Trying to be the kind of wife K-dawg deserves.  Best friend to a spoiled rotten black lab muppy dawg. Attempting to take on the world, fueled with good coffee and great friends.

Learning to embrace that I’m an early 30s Junior Leaguin’ thing ~ ’cause goodness knows this ain’t how I thought my life would be when I graduated high school in ’97!

Occasionally prissy, occasionally sassy, and Wolfpacker all the time.



2 Responses to About

  1. I think y’all are playing us up here this year, aren’t you? I know that we’re traveling for the UNC and Wake games. We, as in the team…not sure that we’ll make it up for both.

    • Yes ma’am, we make the trip down to Death Valley this year! We went in 2004, and the Clemson fans were so nice! I know State fans/students tend to be mean to visiting teams and can’t count the times we’ve walked into game with elderly people to *protect* them.

      However, Clemson students and fans are among the sweetest, nicest, and friendliest group of folks we’ve ever encountered. Years later, we are still talking about just how dang nice everybody was!

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