Big Balls in Cow Town!

The title is one of my FAVORITE George Strait songs!  Did anyone else have the 4 CD box set?  I wore out the tapes sometime around 1998 and had to replace with the CDs.  Now it’s electronic music and I’m feeling dusty and old!

Tomorrow is baby shower #2 for my sister AKA the gathering of some of sissy’s most favorite friends (and since Sissy and I are BFFs, there are tons of cross-over friends!) After meeting K-dawg and the folks he work with at the NC Art Museum today for lunch and a quick glance at the exhibits, it’s been party prep central around here!

I’ve made several yummy things, but what I’m most excited about are the cake balls.  Little balls of cake, dipped in chocolate?  YES!

A zillion people have blogged about them, but here’s the real 4-1-1 (again, no pictures….sorry! Had them packed up before I thought of pictures).

Take a cake, and bake it in the 9×13 size.  Any mix’ll do.  I used gluten free Devil’s Food cake (SHOUT OUT to my girl RadioFreeAmy for the box!) and yellow butter.    Let the cakes cool really well after baking according to directions.  And, when you think it’s cool, let it chill another 2 hours.

Then, crumble up the cake into a large bowl.  REALLY large bowl (I used one of my cut crystal serving bowls that’s big enough to fit a watermelon in, not even kidding).  Crumble away, and take a tub of frosting to match your cake and crumble it all together.  Of course your hands are clean, so get in there and mush around.  It’ll start looking/feeling like mashed potatoes.  Then, get your little ice cream scoop that your mother in law gave you and you had no idea what on earth you’d ever use it for.  It finally has a use!

Line a cookie sheet or two with waxed paper, and pop the little balls on the waxed paper.  Then, wrap and put into the freezer for at least 4 hours.

Then, melt some chocolate (got mine at Kroger, and it was awesome!)  I melted in the little tray that came with it and on the stove.  The tray worked best.  Add in a little Crisco to thin it out a little.

Spoon melted chocolate over the balls.  I used a fork thing (we usually use ’em for rolling hotdogs on the grill); and it seemed to work PERFECT!  Tried a couple methods before the fork thing, and trust me, the fork thing was best.

This is what I’m taking about!

As you’re getting the balls dipped, go ahead and lay them back on the wax paper.  This makes it much easier for them to pop off when the chocolate is cool.

Of course one of the gluten free ones got messed up and all ugly (oh drats!), so I HAD to eat it.  And, it was good.  Almost like a truffle.

Want more info? Check out Bakerella’s all you need to know about cake balls

These were cute and yummy (and I KNOW I could get better with practice.) They’ll be making a return appearance at future gatherings.
Party on, my friends…party on!

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