A New Love and Gluten-freepalooza

I’m going to start off by saying, we ain’t picture people.  Seriously.  We never take pictures.  So, sorry I don’t have nifty vay-cay pictures to share with  y’all.

But, I have a new love.  Alexandria, Virginia, and the DC Metro area as a whole.  K-dawg gets the credit for planning this entire trip; and the boy did well!  Saturday morning, we drove up to Alexandria.  Shout out to Virginia for having a pretty countryside; even Richmond was neat to look at.  After checking into our hotel, it was off to King Street to explore. Charleston is my favorite city ever, and the shopping there is on King Street too, so I think it was destined that I’d have a good time!  We started out with a little sushi for lunch, the walked in and out of some of the cutest boutiques.

And, this is where Gluten-freepalooza starts. For dinner, K-dawg had found a restaurant  with gluten free pizza.  Rustico had the best gluten free pizza I’ve ever tasted.  Even K loved it!  Even better, it was across the street from Buzz on Slater, this awesome bakery that had tons of gluten free treats (that night was peanut butter bomb night with a brownie for later.)

Sunday, we woke up and grabbed the Metro into the city to explore.  Nobody but runners are out in DC at 8 in the morning on a Sunday.  This is something important to know.  It was almost like we had the entire city to ourselves.  We started with standing in line for tickets to the Holocaust Museum. So thought provoking and deep. Moved beyond words.  Powerful stuff……

And, I came out in a dark funk and told K I needed something happy.  So, after salads at Cosi, we walked to the White House, found were a friend’s DC office building is, and  went to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.  Fought a line of people to see the Hope Diamond, this other diamond and the jewel collection. Super cool. Super crowded. Lots of kids who needed to be turned over somebody’s knee. Then, it was off to explore the Castle.  Neatest exhibit on Madeline Albright’s pins and broaches that was a complete surprise.  We both greatly enjoyed it.  After riding the Metro back to the hotel, it was time to go back to Gluten-freepalooza.

We rode up to Tyson’s Corner to eat at a restaurant that had a hamburger. On a bun. That I could eat *SQUEE!* So delish, and so sad the stores were closed!  Seriously looked like amazing shopping could’ve been had. Came back through the city, drove near the White House, where the Redskins play, and North Carolina Ave.  Mucho fun!

Monday, we woke up and went back into the city to do the American History museum.  It was tons of fun, and I LOVED seeing the exhibit on the First Ladies.  So classy!  And, they have a phenomenal display of the flag that The Star Spangled Banner was written about.  Such a moving exhibit, and I’ll never hear the National Anthem the same way again. We literally spent about 5 hours in there — it was awesome!  Kept seeing things from places my bloggie and Twitter friends live.  Lunched in the cafe, then hiked to Capitol Hill and the Supreme Court.  How cool is our country?

Back to the hotel to catch the boat to the Nationals vs. Cubs game.  Our first not hockey pro game!  K got tickets from StubHub that placed us something like 20 rows back from the 1st base line.  It was amazing! I love baseball anyways, but seeing it in person was awesome.  Two of the plays of the game made the SportsCenter Top 10 list for the day, and we saw it !  Yes, we are nerds.  No, you may not pass judgement.

Back to Gluten-freepalooza; they had a GLUTEN FREE STAND! Everything they sold, I could eat.  Including a hotdog on a bun.  This, combined with 2 Redbridges, moved me to tears.  The pretzel was just eh, but that hotdog will be something I dream about when I’m 85 and in the home.  Back on the boat, back to the hotel….sleep time!

Tuesday, we checked out of the hotel, and went back up King Street before heading home.  Had to go back to Buzz on Slater to get me more gluten free goodies — read here cupcake, creme brule, muffin, another brownie, coffee… Stopped in Roanoke Rapids at some all you can eat BBQ place after spending about an hour trying to decide where to eat.

Alexandria and DC, I adored you; and will be back soon.  We seriously could have spent another week there and still would have stuff to see and do. Y’all all need to go!

Now, it’s back to life, back to reality, and back to the eating healthier….I’m scared to pieces to look at the scales, much less step on them. To sum it up, we had a BLAST, and K-dawg did an awesome job of planning our little get-away.

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3 Responses to A New Love and Gluten-freepalooza

  1. Robin says:

    That sounds like such a great trip! KDawg did GOOD! I loved keeping up with your escapades on Twitter!


  2. Hey hey friend!! I got you on my blogroll so I can keep up!!!!
    Come see me:)
    I am like Robin, I keep up via Twitter.(when I can)
    I eat some gluten free. Mainly all natural/organic.
    Cant wait to read more!!


  3. michelle says:

    i love cosi! i wish we had one here in southeastern va. 😦 isn’t the nova/dc area fun?? it is definitely a gluten-free mecca. seems like most big cities are. my sister lives a g-free lifestyle.

    i love tyson’s corner. did you go to pentagon city? to. die. for. seriously. the national zoo is fun, too. every time we go it seems like part of it is under construction, though.

    next time you head up that way let me know. my parents live in fredericksburg so i could come up and meet ya. {although, part of me is thinking it would just be faster & easier for me to drive south ;)}

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