A Princess Story

So – we’re cleaning out the room that has us on Hoarders Season 8 master bedroom that K-dawg thought he wanted to use as a den that turned into a ginormous storage closet.  He swears I have a knack for finding stuff that just makes me cry — letters from Daddy, photos, etc.

Question for all of you: What do you do with your stuff like that — box, trash, recycle?  I’m lost as what to do and really need direction!

Also found this evening was the following story, written by a BFF who’s known me since I was like 3 yrs old …..  Here is the story she wrote me YEARS ago when I was all down in the dumps and I want to archive for me (and I reckon you can read it too.)

Once Upon A  Time…

All truly wonderful stories begin with once upon a time, and this story is the story of a beautiful young woman.  Now children listen and listen well and I shall tell you B’s story.

Long ago in 1979 a small infant girl was born. Any one who saw the small pink infant would automatically know she was destined for greatness  However, the road of her destiy would have stones that she had to be sure not to fall over, but all of us have pebbles in our paths.

God knew that these pebbles exist so he gave Princess B three other magical princesses to help her on the road.  First he gave her Princess M to challenge her beliefs and help her to be the best she could be.  Then he gave her Princess K to keep peace and stability in her life.  Next he created Princess L to help Princess M keep life interesting for B.  These three princesses would cause Princess B many tears of joy and sadness.

The first tears that B suffered at the hands of Princess M was when M stuck out her tongue at B during Sunday School.  B of course stuck her tongue out too, but not being as quick as Mary, she got a spanking. However, as the years passed M was a friend who cried on B’s shoulder and B cried on M’s shoulder.  They shared everything and were truly real friends to each other. The two of them became each others backbones throughout relationships good and bad, babies careers and deaths.

Princess K did not often make Princess B cry. B and K shared all the same things of life that M and B shared. Princess K made B cry for the first time when she patted the dark knight Marc on the behind.  Later they cried together over many dark knights but don’t distress they found white knights in life (Princess M preferred dark knights.) They were always there for one another no matter what the obstacle, they overcame.

The third princess, Princess L, was always making Princess B cry from pinching her, pulling her hair, and hitting her.  Yet they shared tears over the passing of King S, the births of their children and the general joys and sadness of their lives. Princess L shared a special bond with B because they were descendants of the same great king.

The four princesses grew into wonderful, special, young women But Princess B was by far the most outstanding in the land. She traveled to the far land of Raleigh and studied agriculture and knights.  There in her final year of study the lovely Princess B made a long pilgrimage across the vast campus. There she saw a handsome young man sitting upon the ground in intense study.  Yet he glanced up at the lovely B. Their eyes locked in a deep love that would last a life time. The white knight, Jed, swept Princess B right off her feet.  After a short courtship he brought his John Deere carriage to the front of the church and they rode off on a blissful honeymoon.

B saved the country of Hicksville with her great knowledge of farming. She raised a beautiful family. She was known through the land as the greatest Princess ever. She was truly loved by all that knew her.  She lived with her white knight, the other three princesses lived near by, and her countrymen loved her.  Princess B lived happily ever after.

~ The end


How the princesses really ended up (and it’s still a novel in the making)

Princess M became a lawyer, moved back to small mountain town.  Eloped the weekend before our wedding and I was hurt and angry at her for not inviting me.  Drifted mega apart after that and now only exchange Christmas cards.

Princess K married boy we went to college with that Princess L set her up on a “friendship opportunity” with during undergrad. They just had a baby boy this Spring.  Still in touch!

Princess L is my baby sister.  She married her Prince 3 years ago and are weeks away from their first child.

And that Princess B ~ she didn’t have a kingdom, but something far better.  A group of the worlds best friends who support her day in and day out in a zillion different ways.  Her redneck dreams didn’t come true — instead she married a prep neck, joined the Junior League and is sharing her life with the world via a little blog and Twitter.  And the John Deere, it’s here too — just in the form of a lawn mower that her knight, K-dawg, rides almost weekly.

And this song, pretty much sums it up

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  1. This made me smile and laugh and guffaw….I needed that…K is a sweetie!

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