The Countdown is ON!

What countdown?

NC State Football Season 2010!

This year will mark our 7th year as season ticket holders.  First year, I got them in May on the whim that we’d still be dating friends come September. Yes, somebody has a lack of confidence, and she’s ok with that.

And, oh the memories!

Doing 13 miles during an INSANE day in October.  ESPN Gameday to the NC State Fair to the Red & White Basketball Game to the NCSU/Miami night game.  Most awesome thing in this world?…. sitting in the stands at a football game, Farris wheel turning in the background with a phenomenal fireworks display.  Words nor photos can adequately express the bliss.

So, come the 1st Saturday in September, that’s where we’ll be!

…..unless I’m helping my sissy get ready for the arrival of one of the newest Wolfpack fans!

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3 Responses to The Countdown is ON!

  1. Tara says:

    Oh puh-lease! *wink*

    Hey, we are both picked 4th in the divisions. I think that happened last year too! If we can come out of this investigation mostly unscathed I’ll be happy. A good season will be icing….

    You’ll be proud – Andrew says “Go Pack”

    but he also says “Go Heels”! 😉

    • I’m surprised the charges against our players were dismissed today. And, I hate it for y’all, and especially for Butch. State fans are accustomed to not letting their hopes get too high since the Rivers years.

      Hey Andrew….if you come to State, they’ll let you drive and design tractors….and play in mud….and see cows! In all seriousness, it’s too cute he cheers for both. You’d be happy to know I bought a little UNC floppy hat for a friends little boy’s 2nd birthday.

  2. Sarah says:

    How much do I love that I was there for all 3 of these blogs! Go Heels!

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