Adventures in Relaxation

Y’all ~ I’ve got something to confess admit….

I’m not good at sitting still.  I’m not good at being still.  I’m not good at RELAXING.  You know, the doing nothing but recharging.

But, I’m learning…and I’ve got some great friends helping me out.

In one of those quasi-spur of the moment things, four of us decided to go to the beach last weekend.  We planned it a whole 4 days in advance, and that’s about as spontaneous as we allow our crazy schedules can be.

Friday morning, we loaded up K-dawg’s Explorer ~ had one get sick and not be able to go ~ started our day with that libation that makes us human Starbucks , and we were heading down I-40 East!

First stop ~

Then, a 9 am wine tasting don’t you dare judge at …

Then, it was back on the road to our 1979 single wide about 3 miles from the beach The Chubby Trout! Turn on air ~ water ~ electricity, you know…the essentials….it was off to the beach for about 2 hrs.

We had fun.  We giggled. We splashed. We doggie paddled swam!  I forgot worries and troubles and it was GREAT!

What makes good times even better? MEXICAN FOOD!

So…I won’t bore you with details of doing nothingness relaxation, but here are a few highlights.

– when R and B want to sing Kareoke, let ’em. Or, they get ill.

– Sleeping Beauty is a good movie, and even more interesting to watch as an adult.

– Sometimes you just have to get away from it all.

– Good friends are priceless, and memories far more precious than jewels.

– Duplin makes alcohol free wine. Bought bottles for several of the 80-eleven pregnant girls I know.

– This mountain girl DOES love the beach (only took 31 years).

– A quick trip to the beach is better than no trip to the beach (first time I’d been down w/o K-dawg and stayed less than 48 hrs.)

– And…when all else fails, just think Topsail!

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4 Responses to Adventures in Relaxation

  1. Robin says:

    I am so glad you had a little getaway!! Nothing better than a couple of days of good friends, good food and laughter!

    (Can you talk my hubby into letting me do something like that?) LOL


  2. Sounds perfect, I’d like to go now!

  3. Sarah says:

    Ornery cupcake purveyors…..UGH!

  4. Tara says:

    We’ve never been to Topsail but it seems to be the happening place. Oh, haven’t seen the World’s Largest Frying Pan either…lol!

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