…..Once Upon a Time

Ain’t that this how all good, really good fairy tales begin?

Now, this wasn’t an ordinary princess.  She didn’t like sitting around, or being quiet, or being still. She liked things like….

….and mud, and

….and while things weren’t perfect and they weren’t always the best.  They were what they were and everyone made the best of it!

Fast forward to Bumpkin turning 18, graduating high school and finding herself in the big city at

Where she had lots of good times, made memories, and made the bestest of friends.

Then, she worked a few years, met K-dawg, fell in love (hard, fast, and completely out of the blue.)

After a perfectly and acceptable nearly 2 year courtship, they were engaged in the most special of ways… six monthsish later, the wedding occured!

Fast forward 5 years, and this is what happened next!

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